Listen to your heart, you will understand
All of my favorite musicians have poured their souls and told beautiful stories with these keys. Whenever I hear them, this is what I feel.
What I actually look like when I'm home chilling with my cats.
Boy With A Pipe - I really love every song Frank Ocean puts out, and I had this idea when I first heard “Slide” and looked up the Boy with a Pipe painting by Picasso. He painted it in 1905 during his Rose Period. Did you also know that this painting sold for $104 million in 2004? Which broke the record (at the time) for being the most expensive ever sold. But anyway, I also love all of the subtext of this painting and all the overtones that Ocean chose to put in this song by choosing this painting. And I just find it amazing that music and art can go together so beautifully like that.
This is for the creep that disturbed my peace at Publix last week...
There’s no better feeling than coming home to your babies after a bad day. I’m so grateful for their cuddles and love.
So I had been stumped for a while now on how to properly convey how curly my hair is, and whenever I draw WOC I always want to get their texture right. That’s important to me. And it feels silly now but the answer came to me when I thought back to my first big graphic design project in high school. I had to design a deck of cards! And I made this really cute pattern with curly swirlies leading to a heart in the middle. It’s been my favorite thing to doodle since I can remember. Whenever I feel an art block, I fill a page with swirls and waves. It’s so relaxing to me, just like playing my hair.  And when I do, I’m constantly twirling it... when I was trying to draw the action of my fingers, it happened to be the same motion/design! So here’s my interpretation of my own curly hair, and how I look almost 90% of the time coming out of the gym. In space buns forever.
A Real Pearl
Shay turns 30
Every Saturday growing up, my dad and I would sit on the floor of the guest room in our house and read the newspaper and drink coffee (chocolate milk for me). He would always give me the comics page and we'd sit there for hours, and then he'd take me to the park if it was nice out. I drew this for his birthday card last year.
Draw This in Your Style 4
Draw This in Your Style 3
Draw this in your style 2
Draw This in Your Style 1
Electric Self
Cafe Daydreams
These are a few of my favorite things
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Ziggy and Weasley! I drew these portraits of my friend's cats.
A penguin Valentine
International Women's Day. Recently featured on InVision's blog:
April's Infinite Playlist
Childhood Home
My house
Pushing Daisies
A Flower for Your Thoughts
Merry Hissmas
Iced Coffee is bae
Boxing Jen